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What is Official Microsoft Online Learning?


Official Microsoft Online Learning is educational material, produced and written by Microsoft's product developers, designed to help the user grasp the essential benefits and components of key Microsoft technologies. It can be used in parallel with, or instead of, other training materials such as books.

Official Microsoft Online Learning is a non-physical product that can be accessed online via Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher) from any computer in the world (running Windows 2000 or higher) through the GK Bookshop 'Learning Management System' (LMS). As delivery of your course is online you will not pay a delivery charge on any order for online learning products.

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Official Microsoft Online Learning - First-hand information on the latest Microsoft technologies. Official Microsoft Online Learning - Tests, games and animations make learning more engaging Official Microsoft Online Learning - Real world examples will enhance your learning

First-hand information on the latest Microsoft technologies 

Tests, games and animations make learning more engaging

Real world examples will enhance your learning

How do you order Microsoft Online Learning

Ordering process is the same as for any online order (

Please note that during the checkout process you will be presented with an additional screen that will ask you to enter your:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Company (not required)
  4. Email Address

Please ensure these details are CORRECTLY entered (especially the email address) as these are the details that are encrypted in order that you can be registered on your course. If the email address used at this stage is incorrect you will NOT receive your notification email and therefore NOT be able to access your course.

How do you access your course?

Upon confirming your order with GK Bookshop you will receive the usual email notifications advising you of:

  1. Order Acknowledgement
  2. Order Despatch (once payment has been cleared)

In addition to these emails you will receive another email, from, with the subject

"Your Online Course Details from GK Bookshop".

This email will contain your login name, password (which you will be required to change at point of first login for security reasons) and the URL (must be opened in IE6 or higher) that allows access to the GK Bookshop LMS and your course. This email will normally arrive between 10 and 15 minutes after the confirmation of your order. Please be aware that it is possible that this email could arrive in your spam folder.

LMS Login Email

LMS Account area (reached after you have logged in)

Make sure you keep your login name and password safe as these will be the access details to your personal area on the LMS and will not, for security reasons, be re-emailed out when you make further purchases.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions on Microsoft Online Learning please email and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

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