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 SCBCD Exam Study Kit: Java Business Component Developer Certification for EJB


SCBCD Exam Study Kit: Java Business Component Developer Certification for EJB

Published by: Manning Publications
Author: Sanghera, Paul
Group: 310-090 Sun Certified Business Component Developer for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.3
ISBN: 1932394400
ISBN 13: 9781932394405
Number of pages: 453
User level: Programmer - Int/Adv
Objective: Reference Date Published: Jul 2005
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 Book Information

Primarily written for developers who know basic Java and want to pass the Sun Certified Business Component Developer exam CX-310-090, this study kit shows how to use EJB in developing enterprise applications. With the popularity of J2EE in the enterprise, SCBCD certification is an important credential for an EJB developer to earn. Focused on the exam objectives, the content goes beyond simply "exam-cram." More than 130 review questions with answers distributed over all chapters and an Exam's Eye View section at the end of each chapter that emphasizes the important points in the chapter from the exam's perspective are provided.

1. Introduction to J2EE
2. Overview of Enterprsie JavaBeans
3. Client View of a Session Bean
4. Birth of a Session Bean
5. Lifecycle of a Session Bean
6. Client View of an Entity Bean
7. Birth of an Entity Bean
8. Lifecycle of an Entity Bean
9. Entity Bean Relationships
10. EJB Query Language
11. Message Driven Beans
12. EJB Transactions
13. EJB Exceptions
14. EJB Security


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