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 Java 2 Exam Notes


Java 2 Exam Notes

Published by: Sybex/Network Press
Author: Heller, Philip
Group: 310-025 Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.2
ISBN: 0782128262
ISBN 13: 9780782128260
Number of pages: 250
User level: Programmer - Int/Adv
Objective: Reference Date Published: Nov 2000
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 Book Information

Java 2 Exam Notes is the fastest and most effective way to make sure you're ready to pass the Java 2 Programmer's Exam.

The unique, innovative Exam Notes approach helps you gain and retain the knowledge you need, objective by objective:

* Critical Information sections provide detailed analyses of the key issues for each exam objective.

* Exam Essentials sections highlight crucial subject areas you'll need to know for the exam.

* Key Terms and Concepts sections define the words and concepts vital to passing the exam.

* Sample Questions sections preview the types of questions found on the exam and give answers and explanations.

Get Ready for the Exam with the Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide

* In-Depth Coverage of the Programmer's and Developer's Exams


Chapter 1: Declarations and Access Control.

Chapter 2: Flow Control and Exception Handling.

Chapter 3: Garbage Collection.

Chapter 4: Language Fundamentals.

Chapter 5: Operators and Assignments.

Chapter 6: Overloading, Overriding, Runtime Type, and Object Orientation.

Chapter 7: Threads133Chapter8The java.awt Package.

Chapter 8: The java.awt Package

Chapter 9: The java.lang Package.

Chapter 10: The java.util Package.

Chapter 11: The Package.

Appendix A: The Certification Initiative for Enterprise Development.




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