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 SSCP Video Mentor


SSCP Video Mentor

Published by: Pearson Certification
Author: Harris, Shon
Group: SSCP: Systems Security Certified Practitioner
ISBN: 0789739518
ISBN 13: 9780789739513
Number of pages: 65
User level: Intermediate/Advance
Objective: Reference Date Published: Jun 2010
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 Book Information

SSCP Video Mentor
Shon Harris

Learn exam essentials from the expert

The fast, powerful way to prepare for your SSCP exam!

Get all the hands-on training you need to pass the SSCP exam, get certified, and move forward in your IT career! This easy-to-use DVD walks you through the skills and concepts you'll need to master and pass the SSCP exam. This DVD contains more than three and a half hours of expert-led videos designed to build and test your knowledge of SSCP and a whole lot more!

Thorough coverage of the following topics:
* Security services and the encryption and decryption processes
* Data link layer technologies
* Different types of cables, transmission types, and transmission modes
* Functionalities of multiple networking devices
* Fundamental types of protocols and protocol suites
* Dialup protocols and various authentication mechanisms with special emphasis on VPNs
* Firewalls, how they can be placed in a network, and details of common network architectures

Detailed lessons: Each video begins with a lesson that covers SSCP concepts that will be demonstrated in the lab portions of the videos.

Lab examples: Walk through labs with the presenter to learn important setups and configurations.

Commands: Go beyond the graphical interface with important commands.

About the Shon Harris Security Series

This DVD package is part of a complete library of books, online services, and videos designed to help security professionals enhance their skills and prepare for their certification exams. Every product in this series reflects Shon Harris's unsurpassed experience in teaching IT security professionals.

Category: Security
Covers: SSCP

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, or Vista
Apple OS 9 or later
Linux operating systems that have a web browser with Flash 7 or later plug-in
Speakers or headphones
Color display with a minimum 1024x768 resolution
1 GHz or faster CPU recommended
DVD drive

Lesson 1: Media Access Technologies
Lab 1-1: MAC Addresses
Lesson 2: Cabling and Transmission Types
Lab 2-1: Unicasting
Lab 2-2: Multicasting
Lab 2-3: Broadcasting
Lesson 3: Networking Devices
Lab 3-1: VLANs
Lab 3-2: Sniffers
Lesson 4: Protocols
Lab 4-1: ARP and ARP Poisoning
Lesson 5: Dialup Protocols and VPN
Lab 5-1: IPSec and its Configurations
Lesson 6: Firewalls and Network Architecture
Lab 6-1: Firewall State Tables and Configuration
Lesson 7: Cryptography Foundations


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