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 DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administration Certification Study Guide


DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administration Certification Study Guide

Published by: MC Press
Author: Lawson, Susan; Luksetich, Daniel
Group: IBM-732 : DB2 9 Database Administrator for z/os
ISBN: 1583470743
ISBN 13: 9781583470749
Number of pages: 969
User level: Intermediate/Advance
Objective: Reference Date Published: Jan 2008
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 Book Information

In order to become an IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 9 DBA for z/OS, you must pass two exams: DB2 9 Fundamentals Exam (Exam 730), and DB2 9 Database Administrator for z/OS (Exam 732) - the primary focus focus of this book.
Written by two members of the team who participated in the actual writing of the exam, this specialized study guide covers every topic that you will need to know to pass Exam 732, including database design and implementation, operation and recovery, security and auditing, performance, as well as installation and migration/upgrade. But that is only the beginning. It also covers the new features of DB2 9 for both database and application development.
This comprehensive guide includes an extensive set of practice questions in each chapter that closely model the actual exam, along with an answer key with a description of why the answer is the correct one. No other source gives you this much help in passing the exam.
Whether you plan to take Exam 732 or just want to master the skills needed to be an effective database administrator on z/OS systems, this is the only book you’ll need.
With the DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administration Certification Study Guide, you will:
• Discover the changes to DB2 9 that you’ll need to know in order to be successful when taking the exam
• Learn how to effectively administer a DB2 database
• Receive an explanation of every objective included on the someone involved in the creation of the actual exam
• Find 85 practice questions based on the actual exam’s format and approach, along with comprehensive answers to help you gain understanding
Publisher’s Note: While this book covers much of the information needed to prepare for Exam 730, a far more in-depth review of topics specifically related to Exam 730 can be found in the MC Press companion book: DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide by Roger E. Sanders.

DB2 Product Fundamentals
Access and Security
Database Objects
Retrieving and Manipulating Database Objects
Advanced SQL Coding
Maintaining Data
Recovery and Restart
Data Sharing
Using SQL in an Application Pogram
Binding an Application Program
Application Program Features
Stored Procedures
Accessing Distributed Data
Advanced Functionality
Locking and Concurrency
Performance Monitoring and Tuning


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