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 Software Testing Foundations: A Study Guide for the Certified Tester Exam


Software Testing Foundations: A Study Guide for the Certified Tester Exam

Published by: Rocky Nook
Author: Spillner, Andreas; Linz, Tilo; Schaefer, Hans
Group: ISTQB Foundation Level 2007
ISBN: 1933952784
ISBN 13: 9781933952789
Number of pages: 284
User level: Intermediate/Advance
Objective: Reference Date Published: Jan 2011
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 Book Information

The ISTQB Certified Tester exam was developed toward an international standard which includes 47 international testing boards. Today more than 130,000 people have taken the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Foundations Level exam. So, where can all these people go to learn what they need to know in order to pass the exam? Now they can go to Software Testing Foundations, 3rd Edition, from Rocky Nook's Computing division.

Professional testing of software has become an increasingly important task that requires a profound knowledge of testing techniques. The ISTQB has developed a universally accepted, international qualification scheme aimed at software and system testing professionals, and has created the syllabi and the tests for the "Certified Tester."

With authors who are among the founders of the Certified Tester Syllabus, this thoroughly revised and updated 3rd Edition covers the "Foundations Level" (i.e., entry level) and teaches the most important methods of software testing. It is designed for self-study and provides the knowledge necessary to pass the Certified Tester: Foundations Level exam as defined by the ISTQB. Additionally, in this new edition, technical terms have been stated more precisely according to the revised and uptated ISTQB glossary.

About the Authors; Foreword; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Testing; 2.1 Terms and Motivation; 2.2 The Fundamental Test Process; 2.3 The Psychology of Testing; 2.4 General Principles of Testing; 2.5 Testing Ethics; 2.6 Summary; Chapter 3: Testing in the Software Lifecycle; 3.1 The General V-Model; 3.2 Component Test; 3.3 Integration Test; 3.4 System Test; 3.5 Acceptance Test; 3.6 Testing New Product Versions; 3.7 Generic Types of Testing; 3.8 Summary; Chapter 4: Static Testing; 4.1 Structured Group Examinations; 4.2 Static Analysis; 4.3 Summary; Chapter 5: Dynamic Analysis - Test Design Techniques; 5.1 Black Box Testing Techniques; 5.2 White Box Testing Techniques; 5.3 Intuitive and Experience Based Test Case Determination; 5.4 Summary; Chapter 6: Test Management; 6.1 Test Organization; 6.2 Test Planning; 6.3 Cost and Economy Aspects; 6.4 Definition of Test Strategy and Test Approach; 6.5 Test Activity Management; 6.6 Incident Management; 6.7 Requirements to Configuration Management; 6.8 Relevant Standards; 6.9 Summary; Chapter 7: Test Tools; 7.1 Types of Test Tools; 7.2 Selection and Introduction of Test Tools; 7.3 Summary; Appendix; Test Plan According to IEEE Standard 829-1998; Test Plan Identifier; Introduction; Test Objects or Items; Features to be tested; Features not to be tested; Test Approach or Strategy; Acceptance Criteria; Suspension Criteria and Resumption Requirements; Test Deliverables; Testing Tasks; Test Infrastructure and Environmental Needs; Responsibilities; Staffing and Training Needs; Schedule; Risks and Contingencies; Approvals; Glossary; Important Information on the Curriculum and on the Certified Tester Exam; ExercisesThese exercises are designed to help you check that you have understood the terms and processes described in the book and that you can rank and describe them. The questions listed here are not designed to directly prepare you for the ISTQB examination. Answers to the questions can be found in the relevant chapters and are not listed separately.; Exercises to Chapter 2; Exercises to Chapter 3; Exercises to Chapter 4; Exercises to Chapter 5; Exercises to Chapter 6; Exercises to Chapter 7; Glossary; Literature;


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